Rave Reviews

"Although never formally trained in poetry, McManus' work is not the
sophisticated poetry of journals. It is unashamedly sentimental and
sincere with simple rhyme schemes reflecting early indoctrination in
Dr. Seuss – he was the childhood favorite she would read prior to
painful polio treatments. But the directness of McManus' poetry,
anchored in spiritual faith and positive energy, has brought her
enthusiastic fans around the world." - Karen Campbell, freelance writer

"Thank you so much for sending a copy of your anthology. I've been able to read some of it and I must say it is truly amazing, spiritual and inspirational. I wish you many blessings and hope to see more of your writing in the future." Josh Golder - Dream Realization Media, Boston, MA

"Your poems are very inspirational for me. You are very talented. Move over, Longfellow." - Bill, Connecticut

"La Verne and I are inspired by your poetry and have your book, on our
bed stand for constant reading. The book is truly a reflection of your
good nature, faith, and Beauty." - Ivan, Bermuda

"Just to thank you for sending me your book so timely! I received
the book this week. It is a wonderful book!! I am enjoying reflecting
on all the poems.

Very powerful with the right touch of humor.
Thanks for the beautiful dedication. Also, love your picture in the
back. Very nice!! Again, Congratulations! You are such a messenger of God! "-Olga

United States, Florida

"I am a victim and survivor of cancer. I recommend this book to anyone who
is going through a difficult time in their life, or just need words of
inspiration. The most powerful poetry I have ever read! Her words truly
give you strength and peace, and definitely build up your faith! With
the powerful and touching story of her life, you realize anything is
possible in the eyes of God! Thank You Mary for your Words! You are
truly my inspiration!"

"I have enjoyed reading you poetry and I am inspired by your
strength, vision and heart. ... I am touched by how utterly you have
given yourself over to tha power." - Bryce

"Thank you so much for your inspirational book. I'm really enjoying it." - Judy

"What a magical book! Thank you so much for this gift. It was very
inspirational. I sat down and read the entire collection. I loved your
'Driving Without Glasses' Also, 'The Easter Lily'. I can't wait to
re-read it. Each poem was a bit of your heart - beautiful!' - Diane

"I read your book from cover to cover, enjoyed every poem and loved
the message each poem brought forth. You are very talented. Thank you
for including me with your first edition." - Marie

"I just received the book and brought it to John to read to him in the nursing
home. I have to get a copy for my daughter in law who is a polio
survivor. Thank you!" - Julia

"I got the book! So wonderful---I am half-way through it, and it is really beautiful work." - Allison

"The book is fantastic but I was deeply touched by 'The Gift of Polio' -- so
many people would have been complaining and asking, why me? - instead
Mary turned it into this positive experience. It's so refreshing to
read such a positive book in today's world." - Jhafar

"You're talented! I believe you could give your book to a person
seriously ill, and they would stand a good chance of getting well.
Honestly. I have read much poetry," but I never recall such spiritual
force and positive energy joined so well as it comes out of your book.
I am sure your work will do well as it is very timely also. Glad you
are working on your next book. You are a Healer!"- Bill

"I had a difficult time falling asleep the other night. I started
to read (again) your poetry book. It is so comforting. I fell asleep
and had a good night's sleep. Where do you get all your ideas/thoughts
from?" - Elaine

"Your book is an amazing collection of a journey. Thanks!" - Joan

Here's what people have to say about New World Greeting Cards:

"With her personalized greeting cards. Mary is offering something special and
unique in this cookie-cutter world. She will listen to your story and
write a poem that captures it for your special someone. Her choices of
cards are varied and just as unique as her poetry."
Janine Hightower, owner Hightower Fitness Personal Training

Received the card you made to my daughter from me.Misty? Pas moi! You absolutely burst the damn dam! I know she will treasure it always as shall I.
From the Father of the Bride - Dave R.

How thankful I am to you for your wonderful creativeness...what a
beautiful talent to have. When Kathryn told me about what you could do
and 'now I see'...I could not earlier have imagined the result.
Thank you so very much again.
Fran S.

I've gotten lots of cards over the years that I have put aside and saved –
but I now have one worthy of being framed. I am such a lucky man. The
card was "priceless."--- Thank you so much for the sentiments.
From a client's dad

"Mary  - Thank you! I really love the keepsake poem. Thanks for all your work. You will be part of my special day!" - Elizabeth

"What a fabulous idea..I usually spend hours trying to find a birthday card
for my wife. After just 15 minutes of talking with you, you created
this beautiful card. Thank you." - Stanley

"Oh my God, everyone in the family loved the graduation card. Thank you so much." - Don

"After hearing the poem you wrote to celebrate the Admiral's life, I had an
even deeper appreciation for the kind of man he was. You have an
incredible gift." Rosemary

"It's flawless -- thank you so much. I can't wait to give her the card on her wedding day." - Madeline

"Zach and I loved the poem you wrote about our engagement. Thank you so much." - Allison