"There's the land of the living and the land of the dead and the bridge between them is love," - Thornton Wilder


You know when I first met you
I knew that we would wed
You and I are soul mates
Is what I've always said.
When we stood beneath the huppah
Now fourteen years ago
I knew with every passing year
My love for you would grow.
You're my best friend and to my life
You add a special touch
A mother to our daughters
You always give so much.
You have such strength and courage
You're a beauty to behold
Every day we spend together
Is a treasure trove of gold.
My heartfelt thanks to you for these
Past fourteen years of life
To me you are my hero, my rock

Happy Anniversary With Love

H ardly a day goes by when I don't give thanks you're my wife
A lways bringing a special touch into every day of my life.
P lenty of ups and downs we shared throughout our many years
P lenty of times we've triumphed over many doubts and fears.
Y our love and compassion remain so strong it's important that you know

A lthough we've known each other so long my love continues to grow.
N urturing our two children and working in a job all day
N othing ever stops you from knowing just the right thing to say.
I t's been nine years since our wedding day when we released the doves of peace
V ows we took still mean so much my love and honor for you increase.
E very day's a treasure when I get to share it with you
R iches far greater than gold are reflected in all that you do.
S o deep a love I have for you, my best friend my wife
Although I may not say it a lot you do complete my life.
R ating you as an incredible wife, a woman, a mother a friend
Y ou're off the chart and life with you means my happiness can never end!


I could never forget our anniversary -
the day that we were wed
It's just the creativity part
every year that I so dread.
But even though you know it,
it's important to hear me say
The love I feel inside my heart,
the love I feel each day.
These wonderful seven years with you
have been so special in my life
I feel I am so blessed a man
to have you as my wife.
And to see you as a mother
to our daughters as they grow
Fills my heart with joy and love
beyond anything I thought I'd know.
So even though it's a 'guy thing'
to not share what's in my heart
You bless my life each morning
when each new day with you I start.
Remember you are my life's treasure,
a beauty in life to behold.
Happy Anniversary my dear wife --
a wife more precious than gold.