"There's the land of the living and the land of the dead and the bridge between them is love," - Thornton Wilder


To my dear niece Hayley-
You're like a daughter to me
So much fun we enjoy together
You're a treat in my life you see.
You're so sweet, I love you so
Yet you have a sense of play.
The summers are so special when
With me you always stay.
In Maine we do those midnight runs
And fool around at the store.
Our lives are so much brighter
When you show up at our door.
And now you're turning Sweet 16
Have fun in all you do!
I'm sending special birthday wishes
Straight from me to YOU!

Happy Birthday Hayley!
With love,
Aunt Linda

S parkling like the fireworks
when you tumble 'round the room
W onderful, delightful,
you chase away all gloom
E verything you do in life,
you bring such joy to me
E nthusiasm shines so bright
with you I love to be
T reating every challenge
with grace and dignity.

S o here's my wish to you this day
I 'd like to send much fun your way
X tra special hugs and love
T o you so gentle like a dove
E ven a vulture eats out of your hand
E xpect that great success you'll always land
N ever doubt Nana's watching from heaven's
bleacher's grandstand.

I love you dear Hayley –
Happy Birthday to You!
Enjoy yourself!
In everything you do!
With love,

On April 18th sixty two years ago
An angel was born with a most special glow.
Her name's Elaine Francis and she's one of a kind
She's always outspoken – says what's on her mind.
On the outside Elaine tries to be tough as nails
But she's a shoulder to cry on when anyone wails.
Stray people and puppies she cares for them all
And if someone's in jail, they just give her a call.
So now it's your turn- it's your special day
To do what you want and to have your own way.
You get to sit down, just relax and to rest

Happy Birthday Elaine – an angel whose the best!!!

Dear Muriel,

Seventy nine years young today
So vibrant and so free
God's love shines right through you
The Grace you always see.

My wish for you on this special day
The day that you were born
May God's light shine so brightly
And bless you every morn.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my dear niece
You are turning TWO!
Mickey Mouse and Uncle Joe
Send Happy Birthday Wishes to YOU!
You're my precious niece
Your blue eyes melt my heart
And whenever I'm with you
I don't want to part.
Play games - take a walk
What a joy to watch you grow
I'm amazed at how you point
And name all the things you know.
You're an awesome big sister
Who loves to have fun
With tea parties and dancing
Elmo says, "You're Number ONE"

On your special day magic and
wishes can come true
And that's my very special wish

From Uncle Joe to YOU!

Ninety two years old,
you've lived so many years.
So celebrate your birthday
with lots of love and cheers!
You have a beautiful family
standing by your side
And a special great grandson
with a smile oh so wide.
Feel all the love that surrounds
you on this your special day
Know blessings of health and peace
are being sent your way.