G iovanna's now a graduate – BHS class of '08
R emember we met in painting class to become friends must have been fate
A ll of your achievements – take pride in all you have done
D oing your senior paper, I know, it wasn't very much fun.
U nusually determined, with a smile to light the way
A nd I wish you every happiness on this your graduation day!
T he next steps in your journey, as off to Simmons you go
I 'm sure will bring you tremendous success as you continue to learn and grow
O pportunities will present themselves – for you are really a star
N o matter the path you choose in life, I know you will always go far!


Dear Kristy,

Number one granddaughter of me and Marie
Beautiful child in cap and gown do I see.

Watching you grow has made life so sweet
Graduating Northeastern is no easy feat.

You've accomplished a lot but now a degree
For continued success you now hold the key.

As you walk with your classmates on your special day
Angel Marie holds your hand every step of the way.

With special love from a grandfather's heart
As this next chapter in your journey of life do you start.

With love,

When I see you in your cap and gown, my joy will overflow
You know the pride I feel for you though my feelings may not show.
I celebrate your graduation - First grandchild graduate – shining star
But I also want to celebrate the amazing young lady you are.

My princess, dear Katie - a diamond so rare
Among your fellow graduates - you're way beyond compare.
You're a loyal friend to Erin and kind to all you meet
You resist peer pressure and walk to your drum's beat.
You're honest, yet tender - tenacious and tough
You rise to every challenge and succeed when the going gets rough.
You possess a beauty and a strength within your soul
With amazing insight and wisdom nothing keeps you from your goal.

Your high school graduation - excitement born anew
My prayer that your every dream will now come true for you!

With so much love and admiration for what you have accomplished,

Your 'Pa”