"..we spend far too much time and energy contemplating our inadequacies. We forget that we are all perfect in our imperfection." - Kate Dillon

Healing and Condolences

If prayers were dollars then you'd be a millionaire
As I pray for your healing with God's tender care.
She'll heal your incision from inside to out
And grant You Her strength--of this there's no doubt.
You're one of God's gems – a very rare treasure
You're being sent love that's beyond any measure.
Before we both know you'll be back on your feet
Can't wait to be with you – it's always a treat!


Perfection of God's Love – behold – in this a perfect rose
A feast for eyes – God's smiling face – as God's love overflows.
God's tender faith-filled petals so fragile yet so sweet
Are strewn along your journey , to cushion weary feet.
Feel the love that's in my heart surrounding you each day
You are the heart and hands of God in all that you convey!

A little prayer poem I send from my heart to you
To let you know you're prayed for each day the whole day through.
I ask that God uphold you and bring comfort, ease the way
And that you feel the Love and Grace that fills your every day.
Feel the healing balm of God that enters every pore
Feel Her breath upon you to lighten every chore.
Know She's watching over you – protect you – never fear
And She is at your bedside to catch your every tear.
I send you love and blessings to you my loving friend
And know the stream of prayers continue without end!

God never lets a broken heart be broken and not mend
His loving Grace is with you and to your heart He'll tend.
These last three years you chose a road where only few would go
And gave to Jean a blessed life, more than you'll ever know.
I also know the gifts you gave of time and love and care
Came back to you in every way with Jean the life you'd share.
And now her life is over, and you need time to heal
And time to rest, refresh yourself and yes it's time to feel.
The grief is overflowing as a loved one held so dear
Is absent from your home but her Spirit's always near.
Remember how we love you and we're here to light the way
And ease the pain of grieving to help you through the day.

As this festive holiday season swirls around your aching heart
Feel your mother's loving presence even though you're now apart.
These loving words of comfort are being sent your way
To ease the pain of grieving as you go about your day.
Your mother seemed so special from all you had to share
And what a blessing you were there to love her and to care.
Her memory and her spirit live on inside of you
The love she gave so evident in everything you do.
As time goes by I know you'll feel the healing in your heart
Comforted by memories although you're now apart.

Although the leaf has fallen off your loving family tree
The legacy your dad has left is for all eternity.
He lived his life with passion, loving you with all his heart
And he'll be watching over you, although you are apart.
He touched my life so deeply, wanting for me all the best
And fought for rights of others, never fearing the VA to test.
I know you're feeling sadness, and in time the ache will be past
Replaced by loving memories that for you shall always last.
Take comfort in the life he led, and the end to his struggle and strife
And that he's reunited now with his loving wife.
And they're both there to guide you and help you through each day
And over time, God comforts, and the sorrow melts away.