This is your life. This is your journey. You are the hero! - Lee Smith


Standing on the springboard
you prepare to launch and leap
The confines of your practice
no longer could you keep.
It's time for joy and freedom -
as new adventures now await
Beautiful Lake Tahoe -
with your destiny you have a date.

You bid a fond farewell to
so many lives you touch
And for social work, continuing ed,
you managed to do so much.
EAP, PTSD – acronyms no longer for you
For in the world of retirement,
no diagnosing will you do.

Take a deep breath and close the chapter
on twenty two years of your life
Let go – Let God – Relax – Release –
all of the stress and strife.
And know what you've accomplished –
feel the pride that's in your heart
Don't look back – just forge ahead –
as your new life's journey you start.

Dear Mr. George Mitchell, a teacher a friend
Your career at Brookline High School now comes to an end.
You leave a legacy beyond all comprehension
You taught old school using discipline and detention.

You taught with compassion and an iron fist
Your presence in hallowed halls will be so missed.
You nourished students to learn and grow
About the environment you wanted them to know.

You spoke with a clear voice and knew each student by name
With an atmosphere of respect your students gladly came.
You welcomed questions and each student you would reach
About the environment you wanted to teach.

E-tech is a course so unique and so rare
There is no other course to which it can compare.
Textbook outlines and notebook checks
Before midyears and finals your students were wrecks.

But your expectations were set and your passion so clear
You taught change is needed with global warming so near.
Weekly news articles to review and in the greenhouse to work
Bringing home plants at the end of the year was a fabulous perk.

As you leave BHS - begin a new journey now
And so it's time for YOU to take that final bow.
You helped so many students throughout all of your years
We will miss you so much but cry no tears.

Go fishing and walking enjoy time with the wife
It's time for you to enjoy your new life.
No more tests to review; no more notebooks to grade
Read Winston Churchill while sitting in the shade.

Most important of all enjoy your good health
Surrounded by love is God's greatest wealth.
You are so beloved as a teacher - the best
It's time to go off, my friend ... celebrate and rest!