"There's the land of the living and the land of the dead and the bridge between them is love," - Thornton Wilder


In honor of Laura and James

To Laura, radiant bride - as you walk down the aisle
To James who will greet you with his warm loving smile
It's an honor to celebrate the new life you start
As you share with your loved ones the love in your heart.
Wedding vows spoken and rings you now wear
Symbols of the deep abiding love you both share.
The joy and the laughter will ring through the years
Memories of dancing - the toasting - the cheers!
And when your day's over - the celebration is through
Here's my gift of personal training designed exclusively for you.


Dear Dad,

What excitement and pride I feel in my heart
As you and Judy - a new life you'll start.
Lake Sunapee the setting - sun glistening on lake
As beloved bride and groom, your wedding vows you'll take.
Though the father-son bond had been strained in the past
I'm here to wish you a joy that will last!
Reel in years of happiness as you tie your wedding knot
We'll be celebrating and toasting on that beautiful spot!
We'll christen the journey as you two now set sail
Wishing always fair winds blowing off the fantail.
And when day is over and we come back to shore
May you know all the blessings that life has in store!


To Aimee my dear friend in college
With whom I've shared so much of life
I'm honored and blessed to be here today
As you and Rich become husband and wife.
We share a deep passion for music
Chick flicks and sipping our tea
And laughed 'til it hurt - I hope you know
Just how much you've meant to me.
We've joked about you being nutty
Spontaneous, fun loving - it's true
But today we shall see a beautiful bride
Whose been faithful and loving, true blue.
Ten years you and Rich are together
Distance couldn't keep you apart
I admire the love and endurance you have
How you nurture the dreams in your heart.
And after your vows have been spoken
There's been the exchanging of rings
I wish you and Rich lifelong happiness
And every blessing that married life brings.
~Congratulations on your wedding day~

Dearest Marie -
We've shared so many memories
Through our friendship of 20 years
I can't believe it's your wedding day
I'm smiling through joyous tears.
Parties in high school - the dances - our prom
Memories flash - those years went by  fast
Here you now stand with the love of your life
To create memories that a lifetime will last.
You knew you were meant for each other
On a bicycle built for two
While on a trip in San Francisco -
Closing eyes yelled "I'm trusting you!'.
I'm so happy for you and for Alan
On this happiest day of your life
The day when you say 'I do' to each other
When you're pronounced husband and wife.
And after the dancing, the cutting of cake
And the fight for the bouquet is through
May wonderful years overflowing with love
Be waiting for Alan and you.
~Congratulations on your wedding day~

Dear Stephanie,
Dear friend and cousin, what a wonderful, joyous day
The celebration of your wedding, is so special in every way.
It's been such a blessing to share in your life -
I'm inspired by the love in your heart
The difference in cultures - you bridge them with love-
And remained true while being apart.
I admire your steadfast vision, and a love that transcends the miles
As you and Rodney exchange rings and vows
There can only be joy and smiles.
You found your true love in Canada, and kept the romance alive
Despite months of separation, your love was able to thrive.
As the two of you join together, like the seamless creations you knit
I know that your marriage is bound for success
Because you're a perfect fit.
This day is a celebration - to mark your new journey in life
The commitment you made, now formalized,
As you're pronounced husband and wife.
And when the dancing and toasting are over, here is my wish for you
The joy and love that surround you today,
Will be with you your whole lives through.
~Congratulations on your wedding day~

Heralding to Bermuda Liz and Ric's family and friends
For a magical wedding of fun that never ends.
Mark your calendars, don't delay
We want you to be there on our special day.

Save the dates 9/6-9/9 of 2007
Vows and rings we'll exchange in that pink sand heaven.

To take care of the travel just make one call
Linda Mitchell Bermuda Travel
the best destination wedding specialist of them all
She'll coordinate the travel
Exclusive arrangements she'll make for you
To magical land of Bermuda with the water turquoise blue.
Just give her a call (781-662-1953)
Or contact her on the net (
To come to our wedding and you'll be all set!


Mr. & Mrs. Charles R Macaleese
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Conde

Request the honour of your presence on their childrens’ magical day
As Elizabeth Ann and Richard Michael their wedding vows they’ll say
Coco Reefs Bermuda 9/7/07 The wedding is set for Four
In the magnificent tropical setting
Who could ask for anything more?
Reception to follow Please RSVP
Tell us you’ll be there for this wedding by the sea.


Elizabeth and Ric
Coco Reefs Bermuda
September 7, 2007

On Frog Pond in Boston Beth and Ric's first date
As soon as they met they knew through life they would skate.
Ric so attentive when Beth's ribs broke
The flames of affections his tenderness did stoke.
They discovered their interests and lives were in synch
Whether walking dog Scout or ice skating at the rink.
They moved in together planned to wed in '08
Friend Rachel taught them there's no sense to wait.
Coco Reefs D Deck embraces them now
The warm Bermuda winds carry their wedding vow.
Before the majesty of surf and pink sand
Ric and Liz now proudly wear each other's wedding band.

While on vacation April 2007
On Sanibelle Island, a real piece of heaven
Your boyfriend 'will you marry me' he asked of you
It was sunset before the magnificent ocean blue.
A scrapbook - a shell - a grandmother's ring
A magical moment to you did he bring.
What a beautiful start to your journey in life
As you prepare to become loving husband and wife.

Eleven years you've been together and today is the blessed day
As loved ones gather round while your wedding vows you say.
Under a trellis at sunset Danvers Yacht Club by the sea
The perfect magical setting as love is declared for eternity.
For so many years you shared much of life
With a steadfast love much like husband and wife.
You nurtured your children like they were your own
With trials and triumphs through the years you have grown.
Today is the day to rejoice and to dance
What a glorious gift to have this second chance.
There'll be one special angel sending blessings from above
He witnesses this wedding and in spirit sends you his love.
He's watching as you dance to “Wind Beneath My Wings”
He wants you to enjoy every moment this day brings.
Memories of this day etched forever in your heart
Karen and Eddie as your married life's journey you now start.

Dear Karen,

To my beloved daughter on her very special day
A day that you deserve so much –
more than words can say.
When you said you thought I didn't love you,
it shook me to the core
Today's a perfect day to tell you,
that you my daughter I adore.
So many memories of you I cherish,
like when you sang“Get Off of My Cloud”
It's so vital for you to realize
how through the years you made me so proud.
Although today you become Eddie's wife,
to me you'll always be
The Queen, a love, the light of my life
whose always been special to me.
And so, in just a few hours, to Eddie I'll 'give you away'
The special place you've always had in my heart,

forever will it stay.


Dear Stephanie,
All the joys that life has to offer
We've shared since we were born
And now we stand together -
This magnificent wedding morn.
We've shared riding bikes
And ice cream cones --
The giggles and the tears
I feel we've been like sisters
With our closeness through the years.
I toast the happy couple -
Beautiful bride and handsome groom
As we gather at St. Bartholemew's
In this blessed chapel room.
You begin your lifelong journey
As your wedding vows you say
I share your joy and happiness
And may the love you feel this day
Be a lamp to light your life
Congratulations Stephanie and Robert
As they pronounce you husband and wife.